A review of our split release with Lezet by Vital Weekly #874

VISSZAJARO/LEZET (CDR by SP Recordings) (19. 03. 2013)

A split release with two musical projects from Serbia, both of which seem new to me. The first two pieces are by Visszajaro, a duo of Akos Czini on keyboards and effects and Laszlo Lenkes on guitar, effects, cover design, lo-fi recording and mastering (isn't that a contradiction I wondered). In their two lengthy pieces (each band has about fifteen minutes here) they mess around with guitar wailing feedback, which is kept under control, but occasionally leaps out of there and wails away into the great far out. It's noisy, it's chaotic at times, but it doesn't derail that much. It's not your standard loud onslaught noise (LON - think about that instead of HNW), but I am afraid it's also not exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.
The other three tracks are by Lezet, being Igor Jovanovic on bells, guitar and glasses (the ones you drink from I assume, not those on your nose). This I must say was more to my liking. Not just because it was less noise based, but also because it was less chaotic. His primary concern seems to be working with overtones. In two of the three pieces it deals with careful rattling of the bells against the glasses, not unlike chimes in the wind, and have a nice meditative character. On 'Tunnelling', his final piece, it's all about feedback and guitar - sound captured in a glass? - but it's an effective piece of music as such. Very nice stuff. (FdW)

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