Arrival is our second collaboration with Gustavo Jobim from Brazil released 26. June. 2014. by Sinewave (Brazil). It's a free release alongside experimental, electronic, improv, noise and diy tags. Free download:


01. Confusion Is Profit
02. The Visitor
03. Wastelands
04. Mooney Sense
05. Forgotten Temple
06. Whoever Seeks Never Finds
07. Wounds That Heal
08. Mother Consumption

Cover photo: Tamás Bernáth

Logick Mushroom Mash

A track named Logick Mushroom Mash featuring Zsolt Sőrés has been released as a part of a compilation of this year's re:source festival in Poland on which Zsolt Sőrés will be participating.

ASR100 Compilation

Altered State Reflections 100th release "ASR100" Compilation has been released with 72 tracks of many different genres of music from artist from all around the world. You can download the compilation for free via

track#20: Visszajáró - Underwater Species of Corporate Capitalism

Altered State Reflections:
Altered State Of Mine Compilation 2011:

Visszajáró & Sőrés Zsolt AHAD - Live at Kultúrcsempész Sínbusz Fesztivál 2013

VISSZAJÁRÓ & ZSOLT SŐRÉS (AHAD) live at the 6th Cultural Trafficking Railbus Festival
(Kultúrcsempész Sínbusz Fesztivál VI.) at Raktár Club, Fondacija Danilo Kiš, Subotica, Serbia. 18. 10. 2013.

text + photos:

Live with Zsolt Sőrés Ahad


Raktár, Szabadka, Subotica with Zsolt Sőrés Ahad

Mineral Series Volume 8

Our latest album is out as a part of Deadtones Record's Mineral Series, which contains
five 2-minute-long trashy, abstract, drone-ambient pieces.

Visszajáró and Roland Orcsik

Roland Orcsik (1975) is a poet and holds a PhD in literature working as a professor of literature in Szeged, Hungary. The below embedded video is a short movie made of  some lines from his poetry for promotional purposes and has an audio-sample of Visszajáró's noise-drone track Requiem For A Signaling Device. Enjoy!

getting ready for more drone

Visszajáró rehearsal, recording live improvisation, May 2013.